Iffy ride

Upside down, feet on the wall
I’m talking to you, my soul
Thinking bout you whole
Girl, I’m on a roll

Waiting to end this drought
I stroll , I crawl
But I’m way off shore
You come down as a water fall

I’m sorry you have to endure
This time, we’re in a war
We fall, take the detour 
I know we can endure
Come out being mature
Then we’ll decor
This life, we’ll explore

And right through this time
I’ll be by your side
Take this beautiful scary ride
Get hit by the tides

There will come this time
When you’re no more terrified
I’m no more dried
I sigh
Up you go,
Go fly.

Beautiful is to admire this moment

You know what’s beautiful?
Everything you’ve ever wanted
Knowing that life’s a struggle
But Living it without complaining
Exploring everything you possibly can
Feeling restless and uneasy.
Giving everything you can
Without expecting
Knowing that you’ll come back stronger
After losing.
Helping yourself when no one else can.
Everything that you hold inside
Everything that holds you down
Somewhere you don’t know
Questioning yourself
What you can’t comprehend
The way you want it
Devoid of social stigmas
Beautiful is
A sense of belonging
A longing
To better yourself
Empathy for fellows
An unassuming nature
You know what’s beautiful?
To wake up every day and try
To make a better life
To muster
Strength to do what we think we can’t
And yet we do.
Beautiful is the sunset and the waterfall
The nature that amaze us.
Beautiful are
Every creature
Who’s too small in this mighty universe
All those abstract things we can’t comprehend
Aren’t they beautiful to feel ?
Beautiful is the way you think
And the way you talk
Beautiful is your confidence
And ability to understand
Beautiful are your ideas
And your beliefs
How you create beautiful moments
For yourself
Is what makes you beautiful.

Shape your perspective

How you comprehend something may be (usually is) affected by how you feel and how you feel would depend on how you comprehend something. Always.
Choose the latter.
Allow your perspective to shape how you feel. Because you can configure your perspective to your benefit.
Up you go!

I Believed I Could So I Did

My body ached as I woke up. I hadn’t fully recovered from being sick. I felt stiff as I tried to get off the bed. I had second thoughts. All I wanted to do was to lay down to recover, not only from sickness but from scars that had cut me deeply. I laid down and it felt good. I didn’t had to make any efforts. It was comforting.

Soon I realised that there was no satisfaction in doing so. I had to move. I had to go to college. I had to play that football match. My teammates needed me and I needed them. That’s the essence of the beautiful game. It feels great to be needed and each of us are connected to one other to work as a unit.

I was now flaring to make an impact, to do my part. I chose my passion over comfort. I was already late and I had missed the last train. I  packed my stuff and left expeditiously to hit the road. Each step required an effort. I could barely run and enduring the whole match suddenly felt like a barbarian task. My lungs felt like they had squeezed in size and the need to catch breath at small intervals was inevitable. I realised my condition but it can’t stop me now.

I am tired of losing over and over again. But I have to keep trying. I have to keep making efforts to find light. I’ve learnt to appreciate dark. How can one ever admire the moon if it weren’t dark! I reached college just in time. Our match was to begin soon. Mates were happy to see me and so was I. I had missed practice sessions for the previous five days as a consequence of being sick. But here I was, when it mattered the most.

The match commenced as the ref blew the whistle. No matter how hard I tried, I would be beaten in duels. I just didn’t had ample energy to match the speed and strength of my opponents. But I had will. I had belief in my technical abilities. And I did get my chance
through a free kick. I knew I had to make it count. I did. And it proved decisive.

We won the match. What followed was utter satisfaction, ecstasy and relief. We had done it. I had done it.
I would have never felt this immense pleasure if I had not gone today. I would have never felt this contentment if I hadn’t believed in me.
And that’s the very nature of humans. If we have to feel self satisfaction, we have to make efforts to find it. The journey might be hard but the product is sublime.


About her

She was curious
To know
The profoundness of what’s within her
To explore
The might of the Universe
She would question
Almost everything
That was unfathomable
And difficult to apprehend
Why do we love
Which itself is diverse
She couldn’t realise.

She was intuitive and daring,
Unstoppable at her very best.
Ready to unravel,
She was flaring
To experience and to learn.
A flare that would give me a burn.

She was unconstrained
Unbounded by any attachments
She wanted to soar
She wanted to glide
Out of anybody’s reach
She wanted a different life.

She loved rains and the chromatic spectrum
The dazzling light
And nighty fright
Artistic and colourful
But would appreciate Black and White.

She used to think
A hell lot
She had evolved
All of her thoughts
She would teleport into a different world
By creating a complex web
Of overwhelming thoughts

She was lovely
With all of she was
She was profound
With an earnest heart
And to love her was the best part.

Evening ritual

A lovely evening feels so right
Filled with void is the mighty sky
Primarily blue but scattered light
Would cast patches of orange so bright

The tide shifts
The clouds glide
Grey dominates the lurking night
Up they soared flip and flap
To plunge to cast an artistic effect
Gregarious birds put such an impact
They have the authority to cruise like that.

An old man comes wilting in
Holding an upright to brace himself;
He perches on a rocky bench.
Wrinkled face, scruffy clothes
He seems devoid of vigour
But then I witnessed his captivating smile
There was a charm in his gleaming eyes.

Up above the wanting sky
The void is now filled with starry light
The lunatic white
Shows up from some mystical site

The horn blew
As the train approached
The brakes screeched
As it slowed
But the engine
It still roared
And in a brisk effervescence
I had to go and let go

The healing rite

My body ached
As I went to oblivion, late
But I’m no more separate
As I woke up in a new state.
I still ache
But with a different fate.

A lightened heart
A clear mind
Dazzling Light
Once again a delight
The beast might be lurking
From a different site
But I won’t allow
The demons to fight.

The warmth, the aid
That light provides
It seeps throughout
To make me fine.
Sitting up here
As I write a line
I resign
The dark eludes and I shine.
In the embrace of blazing Bright
Healing is such a lovely rite.